Monday, November 24, 2008


Solly experienced floating in water for the first time--at least since he left my belly. He was really excited and not sure what to think of it. We didn't start filming until he had been in for a while, but you get the idea. Imagine what it is like to experience such simple things for the first time!

For the hardcore Solly fans (i.e. grandparents), some recent footage of him playing. He seems to know when I am filming and doesn't like to laugh or smile for the camera. I will keep working on it until I get something to send out.

Solly at Four Months!

Wow, we blinked and four months have passed. Solly has been a busy boy, now that he has truly begun to do the most important thing a baby can do--PLAY! He is a blast to hang out with and it is still very easy to make him giggle.

Today I took our "official" 4-month shot.

As usualy, the outtakes are more amusing than the good one. I love this one since it is so true to life--Solly putting something directly into his mouth!

We've had some great visitors lately, including Uncle Andy and Andrea.

Solly went to another party. This one was Jim's "Stomach Stretcher" pre-Thanksgiving bash. He got to visit with some friends.

Mostly, he's just been hanging out with us and being cute!

Even Babaloo is getting used to having him around.

Coming soon--VIDEO!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Solly, the American

Solly has made a few important developments as an American. He has a Social Security number, a bank account, and he voted with me last week!

We hosted a party to watch the returns. Despite my poor self-framing, we're wearing matching Obamamama and Obamababy shirts!

Solly has also seen another country--Canada! He came with me to the Western Society of Naturalists conference in Vancouver BC. He stayed in his first hotel.

Visiting Granville Island in Vancouver.

In other news, the gifts have arrived from NY. We will get to Thank Yous... someday... but we're touched by the generosity and good wishes we have received from around the world.

Winter is finally, sadly, upon us, and Solly is getting to know what it means to live in the Pacific Northwest at this time of year. He's getting better about bundling up.

Husky pride!

Solly and Peter made me a birthday cake tonight. Babaloo signed the cake too, but Peter assures me there is no doggy slobber in or on it.