Monday, April 13, 2009

Walking Video!

This was last week. He has already figured out how to get from laying down to standing by pulling up on one of us. I'll try to get video of that soon as well.

But for now, enjoy!

Next year with teeth!

Things have been busy around here! Since I last wrote, Solly has started daycare, grew another tooth, learned a bunch of new "words", started to eat yogurt and finger foods, and most importantly, learned to STAND! Busy boy!

First up, I finally am getting around to posting his eight month portrait.

The "making of" photos demonstrate his new love of ripping paper.

A play date with his buddy, Elon.

Passover was much fun! Here is one of two full tables.
Plus another table for the food!
We had 13 adults and four little ones, including his friend, Leo Hamm.

Baby Elon was there to celebrate.

Passover chaos.

Chad Gadya masks!

Solly's babysitter, Becca, was there too!

So at the beginning of the night, Solly wasn't really standing. Then he saw that Leo can do it, and he realized that so could he!

Playing with Leo.

Solly's turn to eat!

The day after Passover, the Selkin clan packed up for a short hike. Babaloo now rides shotgun, and I've been demoted to the back with Solly. Sadly, once we got there, we realized that (despite the posted rules online), no dogs are allowed at Tacoma Nature Center. Bummer.

A short hike around the lake.

Getting in touch with the trees...
Phew, what a busy weekend!

Now things are getting back to normal, and Solly has been learning lots of new things. Looking forward to what he's up to by the next post!