Friday, December 24, 2010

Thanks Bubbe and GG!

Some video of Chanukah gifts.

Recent Video

Some recent video of the kids growing up.

Uncle Scott's visit!

The overture of The Nutcracker.

Thanksgiving, Chanukah, holidays keep on coming!

We've had quite a December!  Solly caught scarlet fever, which he gave to Peter, then I got mastitis.  The antibiotics I was taking were making Mira vomit, which through a series of slapstick events led to my phone falling into a glass of water.  Oh well, we're through all of that.

In the meantime, the kids are thriving!  Solly has moved into his "big boy bed" and is already going to sleep on his own.  He's learning his alphabet and is getting great at telling jokes.  Potty training is also progressing.  For her part, Mira is my little smiley girl!  She laughs when she sees her brother or dog.  She kicks and waves when I sing.  And she grabs my hair, my shirt, my necklace...  We're thankful that she's a good sleeper too!

Since I last wrote, we've celebrated a lot!  Thanksgiving was a quiet night, but Solly really loved the parade.  He didn't quite understand the concept of television, since he kept asking to see things again and to skip ahead.

Chanukah was a big hit, of course!

We went to a bunch of Chanukah parties, including one at the Chabad rabbi's house.

A very pregnant Erete!

Shiphrah is getting so big!

As usual; we've made a few trips to the zoo, but this time of year we also went to see Zoolights.

We met up with Elon and family at Zoolights.

Erete was two weeks before her due date, but a few hours after I took this picture, her water broke!

Anyhoo, in addition to all of that excitement, we went to "Havdalah in Pajamas", an event at the temple where the kids sing and have a "camp fire".  Solly and Mira were particularly adorable.

Uncle Scott came for a visit on his way to a work trip to Seattle.  He got to meet Mira and Solly had a great time playing with him.

We took the gang to see The Nutcracker.  They both did great!  Solly sat quietly, asking questions and commenting on what instruments he was hearing.  Mira nursed and slept and didn't make a peep.  She got to wear her first dress!

All in all, we're doing great.  Don't blink, because Mira is growing up fast!

Sneezy shot...

Next up: video.