Sunday, April 25, 2010

Procession Video

For those who are interested, here is some video of the crazy hippie parade:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Love a Parade!

Today we took Solly to his first parade, the suitably silly "Procession of the Species" in Olympia.

Solly struggled a bit with waiting for the party to start, but he had a blast picking out the animals from the crowd.  I posted some photos and videos on Facebook, but here are a few highlights.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Spring Time Fun

While I'm posting, here are some recent photos of Solly's adventures.  We took a quick trip to the zoo one cold morning.  Solly loved being bundled up, drinking his "baby coffee", and bonding with the peacocks.

We had a great play date with Leo and Amelia up in Seattle.

Solly on "Crazy Hair Day" at daycare.

A quick visit with my old Conservation Biology prof from Harvard, Dan Perlman, who was in town to give a lecture.  He was teaching Solly about exotic animals!

Solly on "Smoothy Night".  Note the collateral damage on the wall behind him!

Spring Fair!

Ok, this is too cute to wait to post!  Today was the big Spring Fair in Puyallup.  Solly had a ball, including this:

In addition to the pony ride (more photos below), we wrote on the walls, saw and pet lots of farm animals, saw a dog diving competition, ate corn on the cob for the first time, and much more!  Solly is now passed out and I think I'm not far behind.

I won him a prize at the little skee-ball horse race game.  I was very proud until I realized that I was competing against three little boys!  Oh well, I won him a pig, that's what matters...

Then Solly played the ducky game and won himself three more prizes!!

A great day all around.  I'll leave you with a bit of pony riding video.

P.S. Thanks for your patience as I try to make the blog both easier for me and relatively attractive for you.  I am almost ready to abandon this blog and start one on a different program, but I think I figured out a quicker way.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sorry about the Formatting!

Ok, sorry that last post was so messy. I think my new program is a bust. I'm going to keep it simpler from here on, but it is too late to worry about fixing the last few posts. You get the idea...

Spring Break in San Diego!

IMG_1536 Over spring break we had a fantastic trip down memory lane in San Diego.


We stayed on Shelter Island, near the Bay Club where everyone stayed for the wedding.  It worked out well, since it was on a “beach”, overlooking a marina, and there were two playgrounds nearby.  In the mornings before Solly’s nap we could play around without trying to stay out of someone’s way.




IMG_1344 IMG_1352IMG_1348IMG_1361   IMG_1386 IMG_1390IMG_1396

Of course, they had a pool.  We’re definitely not in the Pacific Northwest anymore!







We spent most of our time in San Diego taking Solly on a culinary tour.  The first place we went (before we bought him shoes, since we forgot them) was Point Loma Seafood!  Solly loved his fish and chips.  The next meal was our favorite Russian place, Pomegranate.

IMG_1373 IMG_1375IMG_1376

Note the big bowl of borscht he’s working on!

Solly leaving his hand print next to where we wrote the night we got engaged.




We took a trip to La Jolla to visit old friends and colleagues.  We decided to park a bit further away and walk along the beach to get there.  Solly loved seeing REAL waves.  Then we went to check out the seals at the Children’s Pool.




We ended the day at Jimmy Carter’s Mexican Restaurant (some of the best Mexican food in San Diego, and therefore in the world).  It was a long one, but not our longest!




We started the next day at the bread bakery having breakfast with our old friend, Alex.IMG_1409 Then, to the zoo!  I already posted video of our trip, but here are a few photos of a very sullen Solly.

IMG_1413 IMG_1422 IMG_1430 IMG_1434

We packed the day full and ran up to Encinitas to see the Paisners.  Micah and Solly were very busy playing!

  IMG_1457 IMG_1460 IMG_1463 IMG_1451

We got back to the hotel way too late, which knocked Solly off his schedule for the rest of the trip.  But that didn’t keep us from having more fun!  Especially since Grandma Carol and Grandpa Carl came up for a day to hang out with him.


The next day was the big Cabrillo reunion.  I posted those photos on Facebook (and can put them on Snapfish), but as this is Solly’s blog (not MY blog), I’ll keep it brief (too late).




We had a big party for the reunion, and Solly was invited.  He and his grandparents left early, but not after meeting some important people in our lives, and eating some great Mexican food.



All in all, a great trip!  Old friends, good food, playgrounds on the beach, tidepool monitoring, and the zoo!  Can’t get better than that…