Friday, May 15, 2009

Solly at Nine Months (plus Mother's Day)

I want to get his nine month shot up before he is ten months!

My first Mother's Day.

Solly does not like order. We call him Dr. Entropy.

Solly and Peter also made me three kinds of crepes!

Solly continues to eat like a champ. A very messy messy champ.

He's started eating rusks this morning. They're pretty good!

Solly's first Yankee's hat (courtesy of Bubbe).

Solly has now been to SIX scientific meetings.

Number 5, South Sound Science Symposium.

Number 6, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

He got to meet his new friend Eliot at the symposium. Becca and I had to change the boys on the floor in a random office. Something I'm sure we'll remember...

It's been a busy quarter! A very wet and muddy field trip last week.

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