Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy busy.

Since I last wrote, Solly has been quite busy! He's walking pretty well now, and getting very good (too good) at communicating what he wants. He can give the sign for "more", which he uses all of the time. He's very into my belly button, and his belly button, and gives great hugs (especially to Babaloo) and blows kisses. He's quickly becoming a real toddler, trouble and all.

He's helping out in the garden! He's drawing with a crayon or a magnadoodle!

As for the rest of the summer, we've had lots of fun.

Play date with Elon.

Leo Hamm's first birthday party. The old gang from Scripps, all grown up!

Leo and Solly making trouble.

Leo's birthday cake was lovely, but he was a little overwhelmed by all of the singing :(.

Solly had a blast!

The Tacoma Food Co-op benefit!

They had toddler yoga there. Solly and Ephraim getting their yoga on...

A quick trip to Florida over Labor Day.

Caption for this photo: "I came all the way to Florida and all I saw was this giant grasshopper" or "That's not an alligator!"


GG gave Solly some chocolate ice cream. Solly approved.

Solly had a great time with his GG. He even learned to say "GG"!

He's growing up so fast. I am very thankful I've been keeping up with this blog as we really have a record to look back at!

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