Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Fun

Solly has been learning a lot--he tried Korean food (he liked it), is making jokes, is coloring on everything, and has TONS of words! We are losing count, but here's a partial list: Daddy, Mama, baby, up, down, doggy, Babaloo, owl, alligator, bear, hi, hiya!, bye, see ya!, uh oh, bottle, car, hat, shoe, sock, nose, mouth, eye, teeth, apple, cookie, Bubbe, Poppy Ira, close, and of course, no! Plus a few animal sounds. He is repeating many words back at us. Definitely time to watch what we say...

The quarter has started, and Peter and I are getting pretty focused on work again. That said, there has still been some fall fun around here!

First up, Oysterfest in Shelton.

Oysterfest is home to the World Championship of Oyster Shucking!

Solly loved being in a cheering crowd (notice he's looking the wrong way).

One of the great things about being 14 months old is that you constantly get to experience things for the first time. Solly's first balloon animal and first touch tank.

Oysterfest was a first for us too! A big community event...

Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out a pumpkin and go through a corn maze. That maze was hard!

The corn maze had a slide!

Solly ran through most of it.

Picking out our pumpkin.

Goofing around at the Patch.

We found one!

This morning, enjoying a blueberry smoothie (perfect for dipping waffles).

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