Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's 2010

Solly's second New Year's!

We have started a tradition of celebrating Brazilian New Years, since the time difference allows us to celebrate New Year's at 6 or 7. This year, we decided we wanted to have make your own veggie sushi for supper, so we had sort of a fusion between Japan and Brazil. Turns out that the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan are in Brazil! So it worked out.

We had a few Brazilian touches, like the music and the decorations, which reflected the Brazilian tradition of floating candles and flowers on the ocean to ask the Sea Goddess for a good year. Many of us also wore white, another Brazilian New Year's thing.

Somebody has been playing on Wikipedia!

Anyhoo, a photo from the end of the preparations.

Solly wasn't so sure about the hats...

...until I tried mine...

...hey, that looks fun...


...the hat will be mine!

The guests arriving. Leo Hamm!

And his dad.

A very pregnant Anna, and Aaron. They were our sushi experts!

Meredith and Eric, from our birth class, came with their son Grant.

Making sushi.

Turns out, we were having so much fun, we missed our 7pm New Year's countdown. So with some quick googling, we moved the party to Nova Scotia, that celebrates at 7:30pm!

The best photo I got of Grant, who was moving the whole time.

Solly ate a bunch of sushi rolls, most of Leo's supper, and some of Ephraim's!

Toddler chaos!

Leo and his folks slept over. Solly was so happy to see them in the morning.

Leo Hamm!

Reading Solly's favorite book, "In the Night Kitchen", or has he calls it "Micky".

This morning we went to Amelia's house for a special brunch.

Amelia's grandma sent her a holiday dress!

Bonding with Amelia.

Sadly, I didn't get a good shot of this very sweet interaction.

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