Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Florida! And an announcement...

Solly had a blast visiting Bubbe, Poppy, and G.G. in Florida this week!  The flights weren't so fun for me, but that's not a very interesting story...

A trip to the beach.

On the way TO the beach and FROM the beach.

Playing with his G.G.

A quick trip to "The Girls" to check out the animals, cars, and fire trucks...

We spent Mother's Day together, starting with a brunch at the "clubhouse".

Followed by a BBQ at Bubbe and Poppy's house with G.G., Freida, and Carita.

It was really special to get four generations together.

And finally, an announcement.  Many of you know already, but we are expecting veliger #2 in October!  We found out last week that it's a girl!

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