Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lots of Firsts

Most of you have heard me whine that Solly doesn't sleep very much. The upside to not sleeping is that he is a busy boy! A bit of what he's been up to lately...

Going to the park to see the duckies!

Getting better at riding in the Moby.

Staying warm.

Smelling roses, even in the winter!

Going for a walk with Auntie Erica! She's a great walker, as Babaloo can tell you.

A playdate with Leo Hamm.

His first of many trips to the aquarium. I have some great footage of him watching the fishies, but I can't find the camera. Soon, I promise!

The big news around here is that Solly ate "real" food today! If you call rice cereal food...

He tried out his new high chair (thanks Scott and Dawn). He really liked it!

He is already playing with the spoon, although clearly he still needs some help working it.

Mommy should have thought to put on a bib! That is a mistake you make only once.

And what you really want to see, the video!

Babaloo doesn't see why this is such a big deal--he eats all the time! He was busy playing with his "gefilte fish" during all the fun.

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