Friday, December 26, 2008

San Diego!

We took a shockingly quick trip to San Diego. Solly got to go to the Dayton Lab, have another Chanukah with Lisa and her family, stay (and not sleep) in a fancy hotel, visit Cabrillo National Monument and some of mom's old work friends, see the Pacific Ocean, and meet some nifty CSS plants! Quite the busy boy!

Visiting the Dayton Lab. Paul was excited to start corrupting him! Meeting Pat, Kristin, and Ed.

A Chanukah party with Lisa and her family.

We stayed at La Estancia, our favorite "vacation in town" spot when we still lived in San Diego. The hotel was still beautiful, but it was a slightly different experience with a baby.

(Our stuff for a one night visit!)

A visit with Dave, Monica, and Micah. It was amazing to see how much more advanced an 11-month old can be. We can't wait until the boys can really play together. (Thanks D and M for the nap!)

We took Solly to see Cabrillo, including some of my old co-workers and my little strip of shoreline.

He was pretty wiped out in the end!

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