Saturday, January 31, 2009

A long time coming...

As predicted, going back to work has quickly limited my posts. But I'm still snapping photos and have plenty to put up tonight.

Solly has been plenty busy as well. Since I last posted, he's gotten even more social, he's flipping like its no big deal, he's sitting up on his own, he's eating lots of solids, and he's thinking about crawling.

Some highlights:

Great Grandma Fay sent him hand knitted sweaters, hats, and gloves. We get compliments wherever we go!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit this month. Fun was had by all.

We took another trip to Point Defiance Zoo. This time we saw walruses, puffins, and even beluga whales!

He doesn't seemed too concerned about the bear... or Daddy either.

It's great to have a little zoo we can visit whenever we want. I bet he'll know every individual animal in there before he knows much else!

The whole family participated in the MLK Day of Service. We helped build an organic garden to grow food for a local shelter. Actually, I didn't do much. Mostly held Solly, the group mascot.

Poor Solly got his first real boo-boo. It cleared up really quickly, but not until after scaring mom and dad!

He's now big enough for an exersaucer! This was his first time in it. Clearly, he hated it.

The three of us made the trip to Port Gamble for our departmental retreat. Solly spent the day with a UWT student, but we got to play together a little bit.

A dreary work day for Solly!

Solly and Daddy came with me to pick up some samples from a bivalve hatchery in Quilcene. Getting changed in the middle of a shellfish farm was a first for all of us.

My little veliger in front of a giant tank of geoduck veligers. His shirt is even appropriate!

I couldn't decide on an "official" six month shot. The one on the right is cuter, but you can only see the 6 through the back of the paper! I need to rethink this process now that he's getting grabbier.

I always like to post some of the out takes from the official photo session. This month did not disappoint.

The second one is really typical of Solly right now. A drooly hand reaching for what you are holding. Sounds about right...

He has really grown up this past month!

I have a little bit of video I can try to get up in the next few days. Solly has his first little head cold, so we're pretty focused on giving him extra love (if that's possible) and fluids. Hope to post again soon!

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