Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years and Five Month Photos

Solly has rounded the corner to five months. Looking back at the photos from when he was born, I can't really believe how much he has grown. Our big accomplishment lately has been his new ability to sleep through the night, after a difficult (and continuing) period of sleep training. Or next challenge is dealing with me going back to work. I start on Tuesday and it will be a big adjustment. Mostly for me.

Here is his "official" five month shot.

And his unofficial one. The process of taking these gets more an more fun!

Our new years was a little different this year, since Solly needs to get to bed pretty early. So we invited a few friends over with kids and celebrated Brazilian style (at 6 pm). Some shots of Erete and Elan, Anna, Aaron, and Ephraim, and Sian, Ian, and Stella.

Ephraim and Stella really got along and both didn't want to go home. Babaloo was equally bummed.

Solly seemed to be enjoying himself, despite not really understanding what was going on.

The pop-up bird book that the Selkins sent us was a big hit with all ages.

I'd say it was a successful party, although I'm not so sure I'd make that vegetarian feijoada again...

These posts will probably slow down a bit as school ramps up. Hopefully I can keep it up as a way to wind down at night? I'll do my best!

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