Monday, June 29, 2009

May and June, Pre-NY

Posting photos from the spring before I get to the new ones from our trip. As you can see below, we've all been pretty busy!

Solly is taking swim classes at the Y. These are from mid-May:

A more recent shot.

Bubbe and Poppy came to visit for Memorial Day. A picnic in Point Defiance Park:

Photos from Melissa's baby shower. I posted a bunch on Snapfish (see the sidebar for the link).

Solly and Leo had a blast playing together. These two are gonna be trouble...

He is such a KID now!

I know that his 11th month birthday is already past, but here is month 10! The official shot:

As usual, the "outtakes" are more amusing that the official one. We have some new challenges when taking these photos.

Hanging out with Mommy...

...while Daddy and Babaloo keep watch.

Solly helping my students finish up their garden project:

I took my other class to an organic farm for a field trip. We were put to work!

We made it through spring quarter! Now begins a busy summer:

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