Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Solly's East Coast Tour

We had quite a trip to the East Coast. Saw lots of friends, went to Albany, the Hamptons, and Boston, and played played played. While we were gone, Solly grew up a lot--he is now cruising constantly, eating with the family, and babbling with perfect diction. Peter started the trip in Virginia, so Solly and I were on our own for the first few days. We were reunited, happily, on Saturday night.

I took so many photos, that it is overwhelming. So I will post them a little at a time to make it easier to face.

First stop--Linda Kaplan's house. We saw Judy, Jacob, Tyler, and Sherman, and met Benjamin for the first time. There was some serious playing going on.

Sadly, my Aunt Anne passed away the day I arrive in New York. But since I was in town I was able to go to the funeral up in Albany and Solly could represent his namesake, Grandpa Saul (Anne's brother). Solly got to meet his new cousins. We had four infants from five to ten months all together. Mia (Cousin Ande's daughter), Lena (Cousin Debbie's daughter) and Isaac (Cousin Adam's daughter), all hanging out on a very patient Cousin Dominique (also Lena's dad).

Anne would be happy to know that we had a reason to all get together. Solly meets the Shapiros.

With the (Terry/Sylvia) Zima side.

Adding the Bobby/Trish Zima family, plus everyone else! Quite a crew!

Sadly, I didn't get organized to get photos with all of the cousins, but I did catch Ande and family before they slipped out. Sorry to the other Zirmans and other cousins that I missed. We'll have to do it again (under nicer circumstances, I hope).

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