Monday, September 13, 2010

GG's 90th Birthday Party!

Solly had a blast in Florida for GG's birthday the weekend of July 24. He got together with all of his cousins, and got to celebrate his birthday with family at a pizza place!

The first night we had a pre-party, complete with New York-style deli.

Hanging out with Uncle Andy.

Solly's favorite part was the hotel shuttle bus that took us all over Del Ray Beach.

For the first time, he sat independently with the big kids.  He looked so grown up!

The cousins had a blast swimming, despite the hurricane lurking just offshore.

And the lady of the hour (weekend), GG!

Friday night, we had a big party, with matching shirts!  It was Sasha's birthday, so we all got to celebrate together.

The next day was Solly's second birthday!  We had another party for him the next weekend at home, but he got to spend his birthday at a party with his cousins at a pizza place.  He had a great time, especially with the cupcakes.

Sadly, I didn't take any photos at the actual party for GG!  The rest of the family did, and we will pull them together at some point.

Happy Birthday, GG.  We love you!

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Shlafy said...

Fay loves MARVELOUS!!!!!!! Nice to see these pictures :) Sending hugs and kisses from NYC....