Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rest of Summer

Fall is definitely here! I thought it was time to finish posting the summer shots, especially before baby photos start pouring in.

It actually wasn't much of a summer around here.  Lots of rain and cold.  But that didn't stop us!  We went to the zoo a few times in the rain.

Solly is definitely not a baby, he's a kid!  He went to a fourth birthday party for his friend, Ryler, and sat with the big kids eating pizza and cake.  He is starting to get into birthdays, singing the song almost every day.

Playing "Pin the tail on the..."  whatever that thing is.

Bubbe came to visit when Peter was out of town to help me manage.  Solly had a great time with her!  He got to show off his chopstick skills!

Solly had a play date with Elon, and they can really PLAY together now.  Video to come.  Elon now sits at the table rather than the highchair, so they both ate their veggie dogs together at our dining room table.  Solly has given up his highchair since that day.

The high holidays were pretty mellow around here, but Solly really enjoyed it.  He especially loved going to temple to hear the shofar and eating apples with honey.  He even got to hold the Torah during the tot Kol Nidre service!

Last week we went to Pierce County "Touch a Truck" Day.  It was a little too loud for Solly so we didn't stay long, but he did get to drive a bus!  And reprogram a real policeman's computer!

Solly has been busy growing up.  He's really a joy to be around and we're looking forward to watching him continue to thrive.

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