Saturday, October 2, 2010

Harvestfest 2010

Today we went to a couple of farms for Harvestfest.  Solly had so much fun he could hardly keep his eyes open on the way home!

We started at Spooner Farms, where there was so much to do, we didn't know where to start.

Solly got to ride a pony (again), see lots of animals, pick out his own pumpkin (or three), eat some yummy grilled corn...

The spoils of his hunting.

Then we went to Tahoma Farms, where most of our veggies come from (we get weekly delivery from their sister company, Terra Organics).

Their Harvestfest celebration was just about over, but we still got to paint some pumpkins and play around.

They were done with the hayrides, but some of the people who work there offered to go on one more ride so Solly could go.  We're friends with the owners (they were in our birth class) but I don't think they knew that--they were happy to help!

I've got some great video from today.  I'll try to get it posted soon, so it doesn't get lost in the *new* stuff coming soon...

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