Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome Miriam Becker Selkin!

You might notice that the blog name has changed from "Our Little Veliger" to "Spat and Veliger" to mark a new addition family as well as the blog.

On October 15, 2010, we welcomed our daughter, Miriam Becker Selkin. We're going to call her Mira for short. She was born at 8:28am, weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Already standing out from her brother, she was only five days late and has a ton of brownish/reddish hair.

I started having contractions over a week before she was born, and was having regular contractions for days. Solly was very helpful during this time, rubbing my back, comforting me, and bouncing on a ball with me.

Finally, at midnight it was time to head in.  All of that work beforehand paid off, as eight hours later I was holding my baby!  Here are some of the more tasteful photos from the delivery.

With birth behind her, she started the lifelong process of learning about life on the outside.  First bath.

Meeting Bubbe.

Meeting big brother!  He was so excited to finally get to see her, and kissed her and hugged her as he had been talking about for months.

Since me and baby were both doing well, they released us from the hospital after only one day.  Ready to go home!

Since then, we've been getting to know each other, and adjusting to life with an even fuller house.  Things have been going great.  She's nursing well (almost back to birth weight!), passed her first exam with flying colors, and has faced the curious snout of Babaloo with aplomb.  Solly is a very responsible big brother, and takes every opportunity to be with his sister.  He loves helping with diaper changes and requested to give Mira a bath after his bath last night.

We're celebrating this special time and are looking forward to introducing Mira to her loving family and friends in the near future.

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