Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

He is growing up so fast! When we got back from the East Coast, we started eating dinners together--starting with a salmon bbq. He really loves salmon, which is a good thing given that he is from the Pacific Northwest!

His "official" 11 month photo!

This month's outtakes were pretty spot on.

Last weekend we went for a hike--all four of us!

Solly was up for the whole drive, then promptly fell asleep for most of the hike, and then was up for the whole drive home!

Happy dog!

A nice time at the top. No good shots of the beautiful waterfall, but lots of a beautiful baby!

Babaloo is exhausted from pulling me up the hill. He also pulled me down in record time, but unfortunately he sprained my ankle along the way (after this photo).

These two are really getting tight.

Getting changed on a tree!

Solly had his first trip to the dentist. Looks scary, huh?

This weekend we went up to Seattle to see Melissa and Luc before she pops. Luc got some baby practice in.

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