Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next up: Saturday through Wednesday

After we got back from Albany, we got together with a part of my very large nuclear family--Uncle Andy and Aunt Terry, Aunt Jodi and Uncle Matt, Uncle Cary, plus the cousins and Bubbe and Poppy. Just going out to dinner takes a few tables in the restaurant.

Hanging with Aunt Jodi.

Celebrating Terry's big birthday!

At the end of the night, Cousin Luke had to close down his "Arcade" with a sign. He has his dad's entrepreneurial spirit!

Next we went to visit Grandpa Stu, Grandma Janice, and Aunt Jen in the Hamptons.

Hanging with Aunt Jen and her friend, Hampton.

Stealing glasses, always a hit.

Playing ball with Janice and Jen.

Grilling for Dad's day.

Solly and his Daddy on Father's Day.

Solly and his Grandpa on Father's Day.

Solly looking cute in the Hamptons:

Upon our return to Bubbe's, we had a quick but fun visit with Cousins Jodi, Max, Harrison, and Carley.

Solly is really eating well now. This trip he discovered cheeeeeese. Boy, does he love it!

Solly got to hang out with Tia Gloria (aka Yaya) quite a bit. It is love, and it is mutual!

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