Sunday, August 2, 2009

The big party!

The big day was finally here! After much preparation, the party was a great success. Most of the decorations were either reusable or compostable. And of course there was too much food!

Solly was actually still napping when people started coming over. He woke up and sat quietly waving at his window to the party outside. He was very happy to see everyone.

Lots of friends and family came.

The scene.

Scotty bought a kiddie pool, that was very popular all day. It was over 90 so water was key.

Water table fun!

In addition to four babies, and many kids, we had four happy dogs.

Elon showing Solly how to eat watermelon.

Once he started, he couldn't stop. We had to pry a dry rind out of his hands. He takes after his watermelon-loving daddy.

Peter made an ice cream cake for the event.

Ice cream hand print on my pants...

...and on Babaloo!

A fun day for all of us!

It was great to get some of the cousins together. Dawn got them matching shirts!

And Solly ended the party where he started it. In his crib.

As mentioned earlier, Solly has learned to direct grown ups.

And Bubbe...

He really has us wrapped around his little finger.

Hanging out with Grandpa in Gig Harbor.

"C'mon Grandpa!"

And, to finish off, the last monthly shot with this set up. The official 12 month shot.

Solly is so done with this.

It's been quite a year. What is next?

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