Saturday, August 22, 2009

Travel, the last bit

Starting with the rest of the Fruit Loop drive.

We stopped at the Wy'East Winery for a quick tasting. Solly liked the Cabernet.

A stop at a flower farm having a Van Gough festival.

This moss horse was sort of creepy.

Then on our last day we stopped at the Bonneville Dam.

Of course, the big hit was the fish ladder.

In the basement of the visitor's center they have windows into the ladder so you can see the fish passing through. Most people go for the salmonids, but I liked the lampreys.

At the hatchery next door they have a giant sturgeon named Herman. He was also a big hit!

No trip to Oregon would be complete without a stop at a McMennamins. We had lunch at their Edgefield hotel. We are really hoping that their deal to come to Tacoma comes through!

Then a long, whiny drive back to Tacoma. It was otherwise a wonderful trip!

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