Saturday, August 22, 2009

Travel, Part III

Ok, another day of photos. We spent a lovely morning at Lost Lake and spent the afternoon on the "Fruit Loop", a route through farms and wineries.

At Lost Lake we took a quick paddle boat trip. Solly was not very happy about wearing a PFD (although big thanks to his buddy Elon for the loaner).

We're on a boat!

After the ride, we relaxed, took in the view, and had a lovely picnic. This would be a great place to camp some time.

The view of Mount Hood at Lost Lake was something special!

On the Fruit Loop. The highlight of the drive was a stop at an alpaca farm!

Of course, Solly loved the alpaca's guard dog.

A great day all told.

Ok, one more day to post. Next up: The Bonneville Dam!

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