Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up, The Finale!

Ok, here we are in the final stretch of catching up! We're up to Chanukah! This year I think I have perfected my latkes. I have the secret figured out...

Our Chanukah feast (including some leftover brisket from the High Holidays--thanks Carl!).

Solly approves.

Babaloo opens his first gift.

And he approves.

Solly enjoying his Chanukah "Little People". (Thanks, Scott, Dawn, Michael, and Rachel!)

We went to a Chanukah party at Ephraim's house. It was really fun!

The best photo I got of the three boys playing.

Solly always ran over to Ephraim's kitchen to play. Little did he know he'd have his own the next day!

On the way home from the fun party.

On the night after the last night, we had Ephraim and family over to our house for latkes and vegetarian treats.

The boys are finally able to play together, although I think Ephraim isn't so sure about having to share Solly's toys... Good practice for both of them!

The new kitchen! The boys really worked on it.

Solly on his new trike! (Thanks GG!)

With Chanukah past us, and more notably, this horrible quarter done, we took a night to go to "ZooLights" with Erica and Chris. Bundling up for the big event.

It was pretty hard to take photos there, but I did at least get one to prove we were there!

The best shot I got of all of us!

So with that, I am officially caught up! I still have some photos from yesterday in Pasadena, but at least I have posted up til then. This was a pretty tough quarter for me, exacerbated by the crash of my hard drive during finals week. So I'm thankful to be able to look back at all of the fun we had. I can already see a difference in Solly since October!

Love to all.

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