Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up, Part 1

Solly has been busy growing over the past few months. We've stopped counting the number of words he says and he has started using two words together ("pacie crib", "Mommy foot", etc.). His walking and running is getting pretty stable. Here he is wearing a turtle hat, a monkey sweater, and dolphin boots. Tres chic!

Wearing the same shoes as mommy!

He continues to love Asian food, and food in general.

Photos from Ephraim's third birthday party in October, including some really cute ones of Elon.

Ephraim's Mom and Uncle built him a train! The kids loved it!

I am using a new way of uploading the photos, as you might notice. It should make this go much faster, although it is still not as fast as it should be. More soon.

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