Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The First Two Weeks

Mira has been with us for a bit over two weeks now, and she's starting to get used to the idea of life in our house.

It seems like she's developing too fast!  She's already pretty good at lifting her head and has a sweet little smile when you hold her.  At her two week appointment, she already weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces!  She's even gained 1.5 inches.

Solly has made us really proud with his reaction to his sister.  He's really quite protective of her.  He loves to kiss her and hold her hand.  One night I was in the bathroom and her heard her crying.  It took me a minute to get myself together and into her room, and I thought that someone else was around.  I didn't realize that Peter and Mom were downstairs and Ira was out picking up dinner.  By the time I got to her room (a minute later), Solly was there, standing by her bassinet, trying to comfort her by saying "Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't cry Baby Sister".  He then instructed me to pick her up and bring her to my chair to nurse.  He went to the door and pushed back a concerned Babaloo and closed the gate behind him before coming back to check on his sister.  I was so proud!

When we're in the car, he teaches her about buses and trucks ("Look, a school bus, Baby Sister") and reads to her at home.  Tonight, when we were coming back from Halloween, she was crying because it was time to nurse.  We got them both in the car, and she quieted down as we started driving.  I looked back there to check on them, and saw Solly holding her "hand", the claw of her lobster costume.

Needless to say, the grandparents are also smitten.  Mom and Ira came for the birth and stayed for a week, and Carol and Carl came the following weekend with a couple of days of overlap.  We had a little baby naming ceremony when they were both here (photos to come).  Mira is looking forward to meeting her Grandpa Stu and Grandma Janice in November.

Now that we're on our own, we're slowly figure out how to do things with two little ones.  The new double stroller is a big help!

Mostly, we've been hanging out at home, nursing and changing diapers.  It's a lot easier this time around, since I'm not recovering from surgery and I'm not in shock from the reality of becoming a parent!



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