Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naming Shulamit!

Mira's name, like most Jewish names, has a story.  She is named after her beloved Great-Grandpa Sidney, who passed away a few years ago.  His Hebrew name was Meshullam, hence the M in Miriam.  For her Hebrew name, we used the root of Meshullam (Shalom) and chose the feminine Shulamit.  She was officially named at Temple Beth El on October 23.  It was a small but festive event.

Solly arriving at temple.

Our friends Dave, Hannah, and Leo, and Anna, Aaron, Ephraim, and Shiphrah came to bear witness.  Solly, Ephraim, and Leo had a blast running around.

The Hickey-Hamms.

The Petersens.

The temple had a potluck after the service, and we brought tons of bagels and lox.  Not quite New York standards, but yummy nonetheless.

Of course, she slept through most of it!

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