Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching Up Again: January!


As usual, I fell very behind during the quarter.  Thankfully, I am not teaching this quarter and have a spare moment to catch up.  Meanwhile, I’m trying this new software to make posting go a little smoother.  Hopefully it will work!

Solly has been very busy in the past few months.  At this point he’s running, climbing, singing, chatting, directing, asking, and pretending like crazy.  He is speaking in full sentences, including a lot of questions.  He is always always singing.  We’ve been having a ton of fun!

For Peter’s birthday, we went up to Seattle for a day of oysters and the aquarium.


Poor Solly gets a lesson in marine inverts, but quickly runs off to tell the other kids what he’s learned!


IMG_0859 Peter and I had a department retreat in Sequim.  In a castle!  The Selkins came up to help us take care of Solly.

It was pretty fun, for a work trip.  Costumes, secret passageways, a tower.  They even had toys to play with!    After the retreat we took a short walk on Dungeness Spit.

IMG_0857 IMG_0868IMG_0860

Solly and I dropped in on Steve and a very pregnant Kim when we found ourselves in Port Angeles.

IMG_0870 IMG_0872

IMG_0907Since we had to cut our Sequim hike short, we decided to go hiking the following weekend at Penrose Park. 

Solly has decided that he is too big to be carried.  He hiked almost the whole way!



IMG_0942 IMG_0945

Solly discovered the joys of seashells.  And of having a snack after a hike.  He was totally wiped out by the end.  He passed out that night!  Next time he’s having trouble sleeping, we’re going to take him out for a hike!

IMG_0963 IMG_0973

That’s one month down!  Next up, Purim in the Jungle, the Symphony, and more fun!

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