Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching Up: August!

The boy of summer!  

Solly fell in love with baseball this summer.  I actually think there must be a baseball gene, because he obviously hasn't been exposed to it from us, but we all know about Bubbe's love of the game.  And Grandpa Saul, for that matter!

I have amazing photos and videos from this night, but I don't want to post them online.  This one is pretty conservative and captures how much fun the two of them had.

Miss Mira is continuing to grow and grow.  And cruise and cruise.

And eat and eat.

She's starting to communicate by sign language.  She can wave, ask for more, and make cute flirty faces.

First hamburger!

Check out her teeth!  They grew in a funny order--first the bottom two, then one of hercanines, then her two top middle teeth.

Drinking from a straw!  Most of it ends up on her chest, but she gets it.

Another bow for Bubbe.

More Shabbat Camp fun!

Grant's birthday party at the Nature Center.

Hmm, what's this?

Yum, Wood chips!

Remember Solly's first Korean meal?  Mira had the same reaction!

Still loves Korean!

The gang headed out to Northwest Trek, the zoo where you are inside the bus and the animals roam free.

Jessica, Mark, Elsa, Van, and Leo came to visit from Santa Monica.  We made Shabbat challah!

We finally took the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad.  

The mountain!

Alright, that's August!  Some video to edit, and I will be CAUGHT UP through this month!  

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