Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catching Up: February 2011

February is my least favorite month of the year.  It is so deep into winter that the blues are at that worst, but too far from spring to feel like it's almost over.  We passed the month well, though!  A visit from Bubbe and Poppy, a trip to California, and lots of play time with Elon and Ronin.

Early in the month, Bubbe and Poppy came for a quick visit.  They got to bond with Mira, who was growing up fast!

Speaking of growing up fast...

Mira and Ronin were starting to interact... sort of!

I remember when Solly and Elon barely noticed each other.  Now, they sure know how to play!

It was great to spend time at the Brown house to pass the cold, dark winter.

This month, the real Mira started to emerge.  The "fourth trimester" was over and our baby started to shine...

Mira's first time in her high chair.  We didn't feed her for a few more months, but sitting with us at the table was a big improvement for everyone...

Hey, that's pretty cool!  

Pretty soon she'll be eating like this!

We are lucky parents, indeed!

I will post Pasadena next.

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