Thursday, September 8, 2011

Going Back to Cali

Unlike Solly, Mira didn't really stray too far from Tacoma for the first few months of her life.  That was about to change!

We decided to fly to Pasadena for Grandma Mollie's 96th birthday.  How many 96th birthday parties do we get invited to?  

First we had a lovely lunch at the Huntington Gardens.

Mira got to meet her Aunt Margaret, and Cousins Susanna and Julie.

There was one problem with a visit to the Huntington.  You might recall from one of my earlier posts, I had a broken foot!

Problem solved!

That night we had a party for Mollie.  Lots and lots of cousins came! It was a blast hanging out with so many creative people!

Solly somehow got sucked into some odd cousin games.  He LOVED it!

Solly getting to know his most famous relative.  See

I think Mollie really enjoyed her day.

The best part, as usual, was having some time to just hang out with family.

Solly LOVES Grandpa's instruments!

One nice thing about visiting the Selkins is we get to see the Nord-Eastwoods at least once a year.  

Much like our family, their family is growing like weeds!  Leo was born a few months after Mira.

Mira was a huge hit in California!

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