Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching Up: March 2011

There is this corny commercial on TV that made me cry back when I was still quite emotional from the hormones.  There are two kids being goofy together at Disney World and the tag line is something like "You never forget the day they stop being siblings... and start being friends!"  Now that I'm more balanced, I realize that the kids have been friends from the beginning.  But in March, Mira started interacting more, much to Solly's delight.

Most of March was spent getting through a particularly tough quarter, and then going to Florida  (to be posted separately).  Not much else happened.  Of course, we went to the zoo, as always!  I only mention it because Peter snapped this gorgeous shot of Solly.

Mira continued to work on her mobility...

And somehow got cuter by the day.

If that photo looks familiar, you might remember this oldie but goody from 2008!

And that was about it for March.  Not much happened, but great photos nonetheless!  Then we went to Florida, where lots more happened.  Up next...

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