Sunday, September 18, 2011

The kids of professors...

In Spring Quarter, both Peter and I were teaching field classes.  That led to some complicated logistics (one day when daycare was closed was a particular boondoggle), and some fun opportunities.  My class had a trip to Friday Harbor Labs, so Peter brought the kids along.  Then two weeks later, BOTH classes had a trip to the Olympic Coast together.  So clearly, we needed some help juggling family and teaching.  So the Selkins agreed to come with us and watch the kids while we taught.  It wasn't easy, frankly, but we made it through these trips.  And our kids are quickly becoming excellent naturalists!

We picked up a pair of tiny Muck boots for Solly in anticipation of some mud.

At Friday Harbor, the kids joined a lot of our intertidal trips.  I would say this was Solly's first exposure to marine biology... but that would not be true!

Traditionally, we make a "Five Phylum Stew" for the students, and throw a little party in our cabin. This year, one of the students brought FIFTEEN POUNDS of shrimp as well (her husband's family owns a shrimp farm), so we had quite a feast!

Solly always loves a party!

Exhausted but still having fun on the ferry home.

Second trip, the Olympic Coast.  The kids didn't join us on the first day, as we were hiking quite a long way to our site.  But they met us at the world-famous Hoh Rainforest afterwards.

Solly took off on a hike with Grandma and Grandpa, so most of my time was spent hanging out with Mira in the parkinglot.  That said, she sure was cute!

A family portrait in the rainforest.

The next day, our site was a lot more accessible.  Solly got to explore some tidepools, with the help of the students.

Amanda took an interest in the boy and showed him all of the cool stuff she had learned.

Solly had a blast!

I had always dreamed of having kids that hung out with college students and went on exotic field trips.  It wasn't that exotic, but I think it's my favorite thing about being a working mom.  How many kids get to do this stuff?

But in the end, it's always most important to get some time to hang out as a family.

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