Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching Up: June 2011

We are almost there!  This has taken a lot longer than I had budgeted, and the quarter is fast approaching. We are up to June!  Three months to go!

So, continuing with our story, summer was finally here!

I think the kids were as happy as we were to be done with spring quarter.

Look, Ma!  I do put bows in her hair!  (They last for minutes)

It's hard to believe this was ever his.

Our meals have become "clothing optional".

Now, what did we do in June?  Well, first we saw a little parade.  Then we saw a big parade. Then we marched in a little parade.  So we jumped at the chance to march in a REAL, BIG parade!  Our music class had a float in the Gig Harbor Maritime Fest, which had a pirate theme.  So we ripped up some clothes and were ready to go!

Ahoy, Captain Solly!

Ahoy, First Mate Mira!

Yaaaaaaaaar! (Note the fire boots)

Scurvy dog!

Our pirate ship.

I was there too!

I have some video of actually marching.  Here's a quick picture I snapped of the crowds cheering us on.

Our annual lab bbq.  Solly feels right at home with college students.  Especially the girl ones.

Mira, enjoying the lovely day for a bbq.

Another annual tradition: the end of the year bbq at Jim Gawel's house. Mira holding court.

Solly got a big wheel from Aunt Dawn, Uncle Scott, Cousin Michael, and Cousin Rachel last year.  Sadly, it was too big for him then.  We pulled it out this summer, and although it is still too big, we were able to set him up with some pillows.  The weather was finally nice, so we decided to try it out by the water.

It's easy to forget during the winter how lovely Tacoma is (in places).

Soon you will ride a big wheel, little one!

During the school year, we never got around to moving Mira out of our room!  At first, she was so mellow that we were in no rush.  As she got older, it became more of a problem, but we were too swamped to get organized.  We did get Solly out of his crib and into his new bed back in November...

...but it took until June to get Mira into the crib!  Solly helped to welcome her into it.  I think she was relieved to have her own space now.

Next up, Elon's third birthday party!  It was at the Tacoma Nature Center.

Solly and Elon played and played...

A Father's Day breakfast feast!

And as always, Solly made Daddy a cake!

Solly was finally old enough for summer camp.  Sort of.  He wasn't quite three, but they let him in anyway.  First he went to Cooking Camp at the Children's Museum.  Every day they celebrated a different country.  They learned about language, culture, and flags.  Then they cooked something to bring home.  They made their own aprons, too.

I was impressed by the countries they chose--Austria, Vietnam, Lebanon, and Zimbabwe.  Usually, we had to finish the dish at home.  This day we had to bake the Zimbabwean sweet potato cookies.

Cooking camp was every day for four days.  Solly also went to Kaytana Shabbat Camp at the Temple, which was every Friday for six weeks.

Shiphrah is a real toddler already.  She would much rather play with Solly than with Mira.  But Mira's catching up quickly!

In June, we took a nice trip to a cabin on Camano Island.  I'll post photos from our trip separately.  Although we haven't really camped with the kids yet, we did want to celebrate "The Great American Backyard Camp Out".  So we pitched our tent in the yard, invited the Petersen's and had a little bbq.  The kids loved playing in the tents, and it gave us a chance to air ours out!

Summer was off to a running start.  Next up, Camano Island.

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