Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking back on 2011... starting with December 2010!

Ok, before I can get back on track and catch up on the year that was, I have to start with Christmas and New Years of LAST YEAR.  As I am going through these photos, I'm struck by how long it has been and how much older the kids are now.  That said, it's important to me to document the kids, especially all of these "firsts" for Mira.  If I just skip ahead to current photos, I won't be motivated to go back.  So, with no further apologies, I present to you... the end of 2010!

Although it's not our holiday, I like to do a little something for Christmas.  This year we had a quick visit from the Selkins.  They got a chance to see our little Artiste at work, using his gift from GG Fay.

Every year (when we're not invited to someone's "real" Christmas), I usually cook something traditional from another country.  I've been looking for an excuse to make a paella.  And oh boy, was that a paella!  Served with a Spanish-themed cheese course for dessert.  Felt very grown up, although Solly certainly enjoyed himself.

Between Christmas and New Year's, we got to go to another special party, baby Ronin's (first) bris.  Mira finally had an excuse to wear a dress, and try on shoes for the first time (they didn't last long).

The nervous parents were sad to announce that although the main event needed to be put off for medical reasons, there was still food and celebration to be had.

Most importantly, Mom, Dad, and Grandpa got to dance for joy!  Welcome to the world, Baby Ronin!

Party girl!

Poor Solly had to miss the party.  But Grandma and Grandpa appreciated some alone time with my little Mirabelle.

Post-bris, the two big brothers got to visit the Tacoma History Museum for a model train exhibit.  Both needed to blow off some steam, so to speak.

Mira's first New Year's Eve!  We usually do a "New Year's in Brazil" party for our parent friends, so we can celebrate at 6pm and get the kids to bed.  This year, the number of kiddos is exploding, AND we have enough toddlers that we decided to live a little and do "New Year's in the Caribbean" at 7pm, a whole hour later!

Mira's Great Aunt Lynn made this cute little outfit.  I know it's more of a Pacific theme, but we thought it was perfect for our Caribbean party.

My party boy.

Party chaos.  I was happy to be able to make Cuban food, which is much easier to make vegetarian than Brazilian is.  Black bean soup, plaintains, fruit salad, mojitos, yum!  (Although honestly my mojito was pretty bad, since I wasn't particularly motivated as a nursing mom.)

Stella was very excited that there was a new baby around.  Future babysitter?

And with that, we are finally in 2011!  I promise to be caught up by the time school starts at the end of the month, so I've got some work to do...

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