Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up: July 2011

It was a busy busy month.  And you know what that means... Lots and lots of photos!  So I'll be brief in my comments and let the pictures do the talking.

The next two  pictures pretty much summarize what Mira has been up to.

Mira is starting to catch up to Solly!  They are able to play together more and share experiences (and sometimes toys).

Although to be fair, Solly's growing up pretty quickly himself.

Even Babaloo is getting more advanced!  He can read the paper like a dog twice his age!

Ok, on to the events...  Hiking in Nisqually!

Lots of play dates with Elon!  Hanging out and playing baseball in the park...

....a non-hike hike to Snoqualmie Falls followed by supper...

...and watermelon at the sprayground.

Fourth of July at the Petersen's!  I made an apple pie!

My American Boy!

Fourth of July fun!

Continuing to have a blast at Shabbat Camp!

(Check out my little Mira!)

Can you believe Amelia is TWO!?!?

Tiny Tim!


Once again we went to Burning Beast, a meat festival in a field.  It's "Burning Man meets Iron Chef."  The weather stunk but we didn't let that stop us!

Solly amazed the crowd with his oyster-eating abilities.

Still a great party, even though it was pouring!

Solly got adopted by one of the chef's wives, and got lots of attention.  He had his first water fight!

Dessert was Solly's new favorite--S'mores!

Another July favorite... The Casey/Bianchi Cucumber Races!  Turns out that Bubbe and Poppy and Grandma and Grandpa were visiting (for Solly's birthday, up next) and got to attend.  Bubbe was there a few years ago, so she's becoming a cucumber race regular!

I think the one who enjoyed it that most was Poppy.  He is already scheming to build the perfect car next year!

Phew!  What a month!  And I still have to post Solly's birthday!  Up next...

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