Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catching Up: May 2011

Spring was finally here!  It was a long winter in our house, and spring was late to arrive.  We ran outside to meet it.  The kids were busy as ever, both inside and outside of the house...

This month, Mira really became a player.  And she played and played and played and...

You should notice that my Solly is a world-class player himself!  His sculptures are becoming more intricate, and he can walk you through all of the features of his boats, driveways, parking garages, bridges, and fire trucks.

One Sunday we attended the Co Op Preschool at the temple.  It was a birthday party for Israel.

A parade, a parade!  Needless to say, after parading around the temple, we had to continue the parade at home for hours.

The preschool was so much fun that we decided to sign up for summer camp at the temple.  More on that in a few posts.

Our old friend from grad school, Geoff, came to Seattle for a conference.  So we used that as an excuse to visit our Seattle friends in the middle of the week.

What an amazing privilege to have our kids grow up and play together.  And play and play and...

Hannah, just starting to show.

Another fun event with friends--Solly went bowling for the first time!

Ok, so look closely at these scores.  Keep in mind I was pretty distracted taking care of the kids.  And I redeemed myself after this.  (And they had bumpers and we didn't!)  But at this time, the kids were really kicking our butts!

Unfortunately, and somewhat predictably, Solly dropped a ball on his finger.  We weren't sure how bad it was and decided to grab a quick bite while evaluating.

When Solly woke up, it was time to go to the ER.  Solly had his first X-ray and a giant ice cream cone.  His finger wasn't broken, but his nail did fall off a few months later.  He gave us the fingernail update every day...

But really, May was really dominated by two field trips, Friday Harbor and the Olympic Coast, from our field classes.  The kids came, the Selkins came, and fun was had by all!

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