Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Catching up: January 2011

January was the beginning of what would be a busy year.  I went back to work on January 3 (officially, I started prepping on December 1), Mira started fulltime daycare, and Solly settled into his role as big brother.  We had a series of epic-sounding illnesses this winter, which really slowed us down.  It was a busy time, but we managed to fit in some fun in between.

One of our New Year's resolutions was to be more active as a family.  We started weekly "hikes" to get the kids outside, despite the cold.  On January 1, we got going!

Much like his Mama, Solly's favorite part of hiking was "resting".  Here he's showing off his very cool bumble bee "baby legs" legwarmers!

All joking aside, there is nothing as joyful as watching my little guy running through the forest. He usually walks about half of the time, meaning that Daddy gets an extra workout the other half of the time!

Mama's job is a little easier.

The family hikes were a great success, even though our kids like the cold as much as we do (which is to say, not at all...)

The reward for hiking in the cold is warming up.  Solly couldn't wait to try out his new snowman mug (Thanks Uncle Eli and Aunt Liz!) with some hot cocoa.

Warming up Mira.

After a few weeks of great hikes, I made it to the podiatrist to get my foot looked at.  Turns out that the pain in my foot was actually a stress fracture.  So on came the boot and out went the hikes.  At least for a few months.

Continuing from December, the Browns tried again to have a bris for Baby Ronin.  This time, it was a low key affair, just us and some family.  Alas, once again we got a free meal out of them with no snipping for Ronin.  But I did get this classic shot of the two most tired dads in the country.  I didn't realize it at the time, just now as I was  posting this I was struck by the absolute exhaustion on their faces.

Our beautiful babies up close.

In the end, Ronin got his procedure done, but in the hospital.

Next event: Daddy's birthday.  Solly wanted a green cake.  So we made a GREEN cake!

The final product.  It's easy being green!

We had a little party with take out Mexican and everyone was very happy!


Our bigger guy really started to become a KID, with his own interests and personality.  His loves: Music, always!

Cooking and eating, especially seafood!  (These baby octopuses were left over from my student labs...)

Solly really likes going to temple, so we find ourselves going more than we used to.

And he genuinely loves his baby sister!

Speaking of Mira, she really started participating in family activities.

Look out world, she's growing up fast!

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